After 10 years and 60 issues bringing students and young musicians interviews with some of the world’s biggest classical stars, gossip and advice, news and reviews, the August/September 2012 issue is the last edition of Muso to roll off the presses.

Despite loudly voiced opinions to the contrary in our early days, we’ve proved that there’s a demand for coverage of classical and contemporary music that is youthful, accessible and even witty; but all good things come to an end, and it’s perhaps appropriate that we finish on our 60th, shall we call it our ‘diamond’ instalment!

Though Muso itself is no more, readers may be interested to know that our sister publication, the fortnightly Classical Music magazine, will be keeping the Muso spirit alive, casting an eye over life in conservatoires and music departments and giving student readers a chance to contribute news and views, as well as running a student reviewer competition.

A special Muso young performer supplement will appear twice a year, with the first inside the 6 October issue of CM, and existing Muso subscribers and web visitors, plus music students, via their music departments, will be offered a special reduced price student package, including a full subscription to CM print or digital – watch this space for details.

With its news, expert opinion, jobs listings and more, CM is a great place to start if you’re thinking of working in classical music.

Subscribers will be contacted about the changes to their arrangements by post. If you do not receive your letter by 20 August, call Frances Innes-Hopkins on 020 7333 1720, or email.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our typically eclectic final issue, in which we delve into the world of percussion, consider the shaky future of John Cage’s works for radio, hear of Leah Kardos’ experiments in recording the sound of bones, find out why it’s an exciting time to be a classical music promoter, and consider the challenges facing the contemporary ensemble.

Thankyou for your enthusiasm, your feedback and, in many cases, your writing – and, of course, for reading.

Lauren Strain / Editor

Photo: Maraca2 © Katja Ogrin


  1. Bob Schneider 17.08.12 2:14pm

    i and my daughter and son in law Duo46 will miss you.We hope “Classical Music” will increase coverage of contemporary music.

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